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The JUMP bed frame


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The JUMP bed frame is a top-of-the-line platform that ensures excellent support and good ventilation of your mattress. Crafted locally with renewable materials, this sturdy bed frames can be assembled in just 5 minutes and includes a USB port for your mobile devices.
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    Single, Single XL, Double, Queen, King

Crafted locally with renewable materials, this sturdy bed frame
assembles in just 5 minutes, giving you plenty of time for some Zzz.

The JUMP Bed Frame

Proudly handcrafted by Canadian artisans, the JUMP bed frame is a solid and durable design that ensures breathability of your mattress. Our design uses environmentally responsible materials that optimize strength and durability. The best part? Setting up the bed frame takes 5 minutes, so you can spend more time relaxing in your JUMP mattress.

Quick assembly

Leave the toolbox alone! No screws or tools required – assembly of your bed frame is easy! In 5 minutes or less, your JUMP bed frame will be good to go. Moving soon? No biggie! Disassembly is just as quick and easy.

A solid and durable bed frame

The JUMP bed frame is crafted with spaced panels, ensuring excellent ventilation of your mattress. Light and resistant, the panels are carefully handcrafted by Canadian artisans using environmentally friendly materials. Solid hardwood materials make it both strong and durable.

An intelligent design

Because most of us do more than just sleep in bed, we designed the JUMP bed frame with a usb port for your mobile devices, keeping them charged while in use or while you sleep. 

Yes, it’s that easy.

With a sleek, modern look and sturdy, responsible materials, it can be assembled in 5 minutes, time and time again. Gone are the days when re-assembling your bed frame during a move became a real nightmare!

Assemblage en seulement 5 minutes

5 minute

The JUMP bed frame is so easy to assemble that you could almost do it with your eyes closed! Your bed frame will be ready in 5 minutes for your next night or nap.

Fièrement fabriqué à la main au Canada

in Canada

Encourage local businesses with this carefully crafted bed frame by Canadian artisans.

Grande solidité


Made of hardwood, the JUMP bed frame ensures optimal strength and durability.

Utilisation optimale des ressources


Inspired by nature, this bed frame uses all its materials to their fullest potential to create as little waste as possible.

The JUMP bed frame
A solid bed frame made by local craftsmen that you can assemble in 5 minutes!

An intelligent design made locally


Choose the JUMP bed frame for your mattress

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