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JUMP Deluxe Soft Mattress


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Soft & Supportive. A winning combo.
Only at JUMP can you find a mattress that’s premium in quality, affordable, supportive, and sooo comfortable. And now we’ve taken it up a notch with the JUMP Deluxe mattress, featuring 2” of our exclusive JUMP-AIR cooling foam in the top layer, which delivers the pressure relief and airflow that works in harmony with your body. This combination provides you total support and comfort throughout the night. We think you’ll find the partnership between cooling foam and supportive comfort truly out of this world!

So this is what sleeping on a cloud feels like.
The JUMP Deluxe mattress features a luxurious sleeping surface, pillow-soft comfort, and supreme pressure distribution. This bed is the ultimate solution for those who have trouble with pains in their back, shoulders and hips.

Sleep better. Feel better.
Our mattress is made with CertiPUR-US® Certified foams that are locally made in Canada. This independently tested material is free from ozone depleters, synthetic/semi-synthetic materials, flame retardants, mercury, lead, cadmium and heavy metals, so you can sleep soundly.

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    Jump 9


    Single, Single XL, Double, Queen, King

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A semi-firm mattress is the ideal comfort, so we made ours not too firm and not too soft.


Our mattress is not temperature sensitive, so you’ll sleep cool and dry all night.


A reactive mattress that adjusts to the sleeper, no matter their sleeping position.


A durable mattress is made from tightly-knit materials. Therefore, ours is compact and solid.

JUMP Deluxe

Jump Deluxe 9

Our Deluxe mattress features 2 inches of JUMP-AIR foam and is ideal for those who need additional back support and pressure relief. JUMP-AIR foam is a smart and reactive layer that responds to each sleepers needs individually. It provides the right comfort level based on each person’s body shape, weight and sleeping position. The JUMP Deluxe also sleeps cooler than our original model as the increase in air capsules allows additional air to circulate throughout the sleeping surface. This allows more fresh air to enter the mattress and warm air to escape. The transition foam and support foam continue to insure the body is fully supported throughout the entire sleeping surface. The JUMP Deluxe mattress is finished with an athletic soft knit fabric that works perfectly with the responsive JUMP-AIR foam and the breathable mattress design. Like the original mattress, the top layer of the cover can easily be zipped off and removed for cleaning.

  • Features
  • 2’’ JUMP-AIR foam
  • 2’’ High density transition foam
  • 5’’ High density support foam
  • Covered with a removable and washable soft knit athletic fabric
  • 10 year warranty
  • 100% Made in Canada

The three foam layers in every JUMP mattress:

The three foam layers in every JUMP mattress:

Mattress Foam Layer 1


A layer of high-quality JUMP-AIR foam contours the body and reduces pressure points, motion transfer and temperature change.
Mattress Foam Layer 2

Transition Foam

The transition foam allows for a gradual transfer of energy between the JUMP-AIR foam and the supported base.
Mattress Foam Layer 3

Support Foam

The base of the mattress is made from high-density foam for reliable support, no matter the weight or sleeping position.


JUMP-AIR foam carefully fills the contours of the body providing enhanced support where you need it most. Its pressure relieving properties and motion separation are similar to memory foam but with a little more Jump, making it easier to find your sweet spot without disturbing your sleep or someone else’s.
Unlike memory foam, JUMP-AIR foam isn’t sensitive to temperature changes, so the comfort of the mattress will not harden in cooler temperatures or soften in warmer ones. This ensures your JUMP mattress will have the same great feel and comfort no matter the temperature in your room.  Our advantage is due to the billions of microscopic air capsules found with-in Jump-Air foam. As you lie down on the mattress your body naturally compresses the foam allowing the air-capsules to join together, providing a path for air to circulate through the mattress. This enables cooler air to enter and permits warm air to escape, creating the perfect sleeping temperature for a more restful sleep.

Our foams are always CertiPUR-US certified:

Made without ozone depleters

Made without PBDEs, TDCPP, or TCEP flame retardants

Made without mercury, lead, and other heavy metals


Made without formaldehyde

Made without phthalates regulated by the CPSC

Low VOC emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5ppm)

Designed to rest on any firm, flat or adjustable bed surface:

Platform Base

Box Foundation

Slatted Base



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JUMP Deluxe Soft Mattress