Les plus belles chambres à coucher vues sur instagram 2019

If you are a fan of decoration like us, you are probably always looking for trends and the most beautiful inspirations to improve your decor. We’ve done some research for you and here are the most beautiful Quebec bedroom decorations we saw on Instagram in 2019!

Boho room

If you like the eclectic boho style, you will fall in love with this room presented on the account @lesloleries . We like the tone on tone of the different roses on the bed, the plants, the retro objects and of course the mega macramé on the wall!

Pink Room

Speaking of tone-on-tone pink, you can’t miss the queen of pink on Instagram: @fleurmaison! Her room is no exception to her pink tastes and literally EVERYTHING is pink! We love the various textures, the DIY for the headboard and of course, the use of pink!

Terracotta room

If you prefer more neutral colours, you will certainly like the @lauriedouceur room in shades of brown and more earthy colours. Clearly, tone on tone has been popular on Instagram in 2019. This trend can be seen in many bedroom designs!

Soothing Room

You can’t pass by @mariloumr’s room which simply makes you dream with its platform bed that you want to dive into, its brick wall, the carpet and the bedspread that add texture to the decor.

Vibrating room

If your hobby is luxury and elegance, you will fall under the spell of Vanessa Sicotte’s superb bedroom of the Instagram @damask_dentelle account. We love the huge carpet, the dark ceiling and the bed that could belong to the Queen of England!

Luxurious room

The room in @priscillaventurablog is a fairy tale room! If you like elegant and soft materials, you will be charmed! Having a couch in your room is definitely another level of dream that we wish you to reach one day!

Eclectic room

The room of @matteetglossy is simply beautiful! We love the mix of colours in the bedding, the dark wall and the old door that serves as a headboard! We love the mix of colours in the bedding, the dark wall and the old door that serves as a headboard, so that we can create a great and original decor without it costing us a lot of money!

Comfy room

The soft decor of @miosamusic’s bedroom is simply adorable! The bare ceiling steals the show, but what about the bed with the handy storage underneath and the little touches of yellow that bring light into the room? You’re sure to fall in love with it!

 Cosy room

The only thing you want to do when you see the @lauuriieg bed is to wrap yourself in it! Thanks to the thousand cushions that make the whole thing super cozy! Once again, the mix of colours and textures is successful and that’s what gives the room its charm!

We hope that all these beautiful rooms have given you a ton of inspiration to create a decor worthy of Instagram!